Doctor Voices Concern Over Inequality in the Beauty Industry

Toronto resident, Dr. Tamike Hamlet has voiced a concern regarding a lack of makeup for darker skin tones in the beauty industry.

The issue came to Hamlet’s attention after facing the same challenges over and over again while attempting to purchase makeup to match her skin-tone. In particular, Hamlet was appalled to discover a product she had been purchasing from Sephora for several years is now being sold 10 shades lighter than its original colour. Hamlet believes this issue stems from a habit in the beauty industry of discontinuing darker shades with a focus on numbers and profit.

As Hamlet continues to raise awareness about inequality in the beauty industry, another Canadian woman is helping improve the makeup experience for women of diverse skin tones. Pinki Gosal, co-founder of Vasanti Cosmetics Inc., is creating formulations to help women of all races find their perfect match. For instance, a strategy she has incorporated is removing titanium dioxide from powder foundations to prevent a thick white powder from appearing over darker skin.

It’s a well-established fact that beauty is more than skin-deep but well does the industry truly understand that beauty is also culturally deep? As the cosmetic market continues to grow, brands must focus on meeting the needs people of all backgrounds to maintain cultural sensitivity and empower diversity.

Source: Global  News


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