J&J Ready To Recapture Indian Market With Their Credo & Care

Corporations are built by humans and so naturally, all corporations make bound to make mistakes at some point. But what separates strong corporations from weak, are those which have the ability to learn and recover from those mistakes.

Johnson and Johnson’s recent announcement to launch Aveeno onto the Indian baby care market is a perfect example of a strong organization working to recover from a damaged reputation by remaining true to its promise, or Credo in this case, of enhancing consumer well-being.

Years after the J&J’ suffered from a damaged reputation in India after the FDA cancelling J&J India’s license to produce cosmetic products at their Mulund plant, J&J is ready to make a comeback with Aveeno. What makes this launch so exciting is the very reasons for which FDA had raised concerned about J&J are what J&J is combating with Aveeno.

In 2013, the FDA had expressed concern over the safety of J&J’s products once they found that 15 batches of J&J’s baby powder were sterilized by ethylene oxide. Fast-forward to today, and J&J is ready to re-capture the Indian premium baby care segment with Aveeno, a product marked with natural ingredients and backed by scientific efficacy for baby skin care.

J&J’s commitment to take responsibility for its mistakes, learn, and rise again is an example of the seriousness with which J&J honours transforming promises in its Credo into action. Additionally, the dedication of J&J to ensure success in the Indian market signals that developing nations cannot be overlooked in this rising global trend of attention to skin-care. As Aveeno takes steps to educate consumers on the benefits of skincare with an integrated marketing strategy, it is yet to be seen how J&J will reconnect with the India market.

Source: Beaute Espace 


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